Dr. Lori L. Jervis is a Professor at the University of Oklahoma in the Department of Anthropology, a Director of the Center for Applied Social Research, and the Director of Social Science Integration at the Center for Applied Aeroecology. A cultural and medical anthropologist as well as a gerontologist, she works at the intersection of culture, psychiatry, and gerontology. Much of her research focuses on American Indian mental health. Dr. Jervis has conducted research on cognitive impairment and psychiatric disorders; nursing homes and institutional care; post-colonial cultural dislocation and trauma; and elder abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation. Dr. Jervis also focuses on underserved populations including persons with chronic mental illness and those living in rural areas with unequal access to high quality food and health care. In addition, Dr. Jervis conducts research on human-animal interaction across cultures, with particular emphasis on human-canine and human-avian relationships.